So that’s it. The purpose tour has officially ended which…

So that’s it.
The purpose tour has officially ended which means that the purpose tour era is over.
( only speaking about the tour from now on. )
Compared to the my world & believe era is this my least favourite one.
Justin was being happy on stage, there’s no doubt in it but with the release of what do you mean, fake beliebers, fake fans joined our fandom and ruined the chance for real beliebers to meet & see Justin on this amazing journey.
I am lucky enough to be able to say that I’ve seen him twice and I’ve been more amazed at the second time than I have been at my first.
The crowds were dry, also at my concerts & this is what disappoints me.
Also, our realtionship, even on tour, with Justin was not how it’s supposed to be.
Some “ fans ” were disrespectful, rude & ruined the concert for other people who only wanted to enjoy, since I’ve experienced that myself, I’m sorry for everyone who had to deal with the same shit like this.
But let’s now look at the positive side of the amazing world tour that found an end today.
Not only I’ve seen Justin after wating for 8 long years, also a lot of other people who have waited this long have finally been able to meet him.
I’ve met a lot of my internet friends at both of my concerts & I’m so happy that Justin gave me the opportunity for that.
Not only his vicoals – if that is even possible – have improved but also him as a person. Justin became wiser, healthier & happier during this tour and this is what makes my heart want to explode.
I’m so proud of Justin, words couldn’t describe.
It has been nearly 2 years now & Justin has grown into a beautiful young man and we grew up with him.
When Justin ended the believe tour, scooter said that if he would have kept going or that a second tour would have killed him.
Today we’ve got pictures of him smiling, being all happy & healthy even though he has been on tour for so long, he made it and he can end this tour as this healthy & wise young man he is now.
Improvement is possible,
Justin Bieber is the living proof for it.
I miss this purpose tour era already, thanks for all the memories.